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Current Students:

none at the moment




Previous students:

Erin Whynot, MSc student

Andrea Tomko, MSc student

Lauren O'Leary, undergraduate

Hilary Trask, undergraduate


Meghan Breckon, undergraduate


Louis Martin, MSc

Brooklyn Kennedy, undergraduate

Elaine Nguyen, undergraduate

Brent Young, MSc


Madison Coles, undergraduate


Matthew Chedrawe, undergraduate


Nigel Chapman, MSc (co-supervision)


John Riordon, summer student


John Thomson, summer student


Jaime Wertman, MSc


Kelsie Gillies, MSc             


Nicholle Charette, MSc


Dr. Yi-Qun Kuang, PDF


Patrick Holland, MSc


Chad Purcell, Biology Honours


Maha Hammad,  MSc


Alexa Morse, Biology Honours


Ron Yan, NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award Student,


Jennifer Frazer, Biology CO-OP, Honours

Movember 2010

2nd place Fundraising for the Nova Scotia Lung Association 2013

You know you're a celebrity when your face is on a pumpkin... Halloween 2012

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